Return To Sport

With Bill Kerig


Bill Kerig


Tom Kelly


Youth sport is a vital part of the social culture for boys and girls across America. Return to Sport with Bill Kerig explores how we get them back on the playing field. Today, as a result of COVID-19 lockdowns, playing fields yield only memories. How do we get youth sports organizations up and running safely and transition 45 million kids back to sport. The Return to Sport podcast is designed to help sport parents, coaches and youth sport administrators seize this moment as an opportunity to safely return to sports. Hosted by Great Coach founder Bill Kerig, Return to Sport features thought leaders who share their insights, strategies and passion.How are the smartest and boldest leaders in sport thinking about returning to sport? What are the specific tools and techniques they will use to make it happen safely? Bill Kerig walks you through the process in each episode as we all work together to get kids back onto the playing field.

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