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How It Works

Salt Lake City, UT, USA

How Clear2Play builds trust across critical functional areas:

  • Audit your organization’s compliance with new federal and state laws
  • Helps your organization comply with federal and state laws by providing necessary documentation, including Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies, anti-retaliation policies, reporting procedures, appropriate consents and releases, and other compliance procedures
  • Manages and provisions the training and background screening process ensuring that all adults with access to minors obtain the training and certifications required by state and federal law and, if applicable, by respective associations and governing bodies
  • Creates public - facing profiles of all your coaches, admins, trainers, and volunteers featuring their training, certification, motivation, and experience
  • Hosts all your organization’s stakeholders on a mobile and private social network providing transparency, safe communication, and efficiency to nurture and grow trust through ongoing open, direct, and safe communication
  • Creates safe and transparent partnerships between coaches and athletes to drive greater performance, enrichment, and enjoyment
  • Gives your coaches in -app tools(such as video analysis, athlete self - assessments, parent surveys) to help create better coach / athlete / parent partnerships


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