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Salt Lake City, UT, USA

About Clear2Play

At Clear2Play, we believe participation in youth sports is a partnership founded on trust, and trust should be earned and proven.

Clear2Play offers an enterprise solution to help youth sports organizations, camps, teams, and coaches build and protect trust through training, transparency, and accountability. A next-generation sport management platform, Clear2Play will guide you through a simple four-step process:

  1. Audit your organization and recommend compliance solutions for new and emerging standards, including Post-COVID-19 Return To Sport compliance.
  2. Bring your organization into compliance by provisioning, tracking, and managing all aspects of:
    • Post-COVID-19 Return to Sport
    • SafeSport training
    • Background checks
    • MAAPP-compliant document management
    • How To Coach Kids training
    • HeadsUp Concussion training
    • CPR training
    • First Aid training
    • Sport-specific Coach Credential verification
  3. Keep your organization compliant and safe by providing in-app:
    • Clear2Play temp tracker, daily health quiz, document management
    • COVID-19 test tracker and Antibody tracker (when widely available)
    • Athlete, Coach, Parent, and Medical Personnel Profiles
    • SafeSport compliant Safe Communications
    • Portable and secure Document Management (for releases and consents)
    • Event and Availability Management
    • Video, Document, Text and Image sharing on a Private Social Network
    • Administrative Dashboard and Exportable Reporting
    • In-app Athlete Self-Assessment
    • In-app Parent and Athlete Surveys
    • Branded Team Page
    • Roster Validation

Guide and assist your organization. Our cross-functional team brings expertise in the following areas to your organization:

  • Legal, with particular expertise in the federal Safe Sport Act and various state laws
  • Medical, with emergency and critical care experience
  • Risk management 
  • Coach, parent, and athlete education
  • Sports administration
  • Athlete wellness and care
  • Coaching
  • Whole athlete development
  • Youth sports parenting